Max Jacob

salvador-2009/capelinha_from_boa_vista_micro.jpgSalvador Bahia 2009 - Music workshops for children in Salvador Bahia (Brazil) in may/june 2009 at the schools "Estrela da manhã" and "Sol da manhã".
cantu_micro.jpg'Ncurunati - Cantu di rosi e spini - website of the music show based on sicilian popular music, 2006-2009.
nicola_martini_untitled_2008_05_micro.jpg7-50132 - Untitled, 2008 - audio documentation and web of the installation by Nicola Martini, Florence (I) 2008.
radesca_micro.jpgCanzonette, madrigali & arie alla romana di Enrico Radesca - website of the CD conducted by Gianluca Lastraioli and published by Cappella di Santa Maria degli Angiolini, Florence (I) 2008.
voyager/Mazzi_Marco_02_micro.jpgVoyager - original tracks for the movie directed by Marco Mazzi, Florence (I) 2006/2007.
tahle/mostrillo_micro.jpgTahle - my first ensembe in the very early 90es. Enrico di Ienno: bass guitar and vocals; Daniele Calò: percussions; Max Jacob: guitar and vocals.
Various - various tracks composed during 2004-2008.
le-detour/still_micro.jpgLe détour - Music (used and not used in the final version) for the movie Le détour directed by Cristina Ciuffi, Paris (F) 2008-2009.
giottolandia/giottolandia_micro.jpgSounds for Giottolandia - sound installation created for the exposition Giottolandia by Roberto Mari, Festival della Creatività, Florence (I) 2008.
in-xochitl/still_micro.jpgMusic for In Xōchitl In Cuīcatl - music for the installation In Xōchitl In Cuīcatl by Lisa Lazzarini, which has won the Movin'Up 2008 award and has been presented at the Diego Rivera Anahuacalli museum of Mexico City during june/july 2008.
lunaverde_micro.jpgMadhausen - original tracks for the theatre show directed by Enrico Fumanti and Ezio Lappano, produced by Fra(m)menti di luna verde, Florence (I) 2007/2008.
ospiti/tubetti_micro.jpgOspiti - original soundtrack for the video directed by Katia Ferri, Florence (I) 2006.
Muchado - tracks for the CD based on texts written by Dario Borso and published by Il ragazzo Innocuo, Milan (I) 2004.
risonanze/logo_micro.jpgRisonanze - Project for an interactive installation, 2008-2009. Selected at the São Paolo FILE Festival 2009 in the Hyperonica Screening section.
unquarto/logo1_micro.jpg1 / 4 - Project for an interactive installation, in collaboration with Lisa Lazzarini, 2008.
Il Maestro e Margherita - original tracks for the theatre show directed by Enrico Fumanti, Florence/Rome (I) 2008.
September - original tracks for the unreleased movie directed by Marco Mazzi, Florence (I) 2007/2008.
alterego-ninja/senza_campo_micro.jpgL'alterego ninja - 5 minutes recording of the installation made for the opening of the art exposition «Senza Campo» of Federico Biancalani and Vittorio Cavallini, Empoli (I) 2006.
ecosistema_micro.jpgEco-sistema - description of the interactive installation Eco-sistema, created in collaboration with Enrico Di Ienno, a first version of which has been set up in 2006 at the Chiasso (CH) railway station during the «Transit festival».

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